Port St. Lucie Historical Society


New Home

A home of its own would give the Port St. Lucie Historical Society the chance to grow, to display, to share as the city moves forward from its past. In 2014, the Society will continue working with the city to find such a home.

We can use your support. First,with your encourgagment to preserve the city's past. Financial support through membership and donations will help turn this into an educational historical archive for the public. As we grow and broaden our services, volunteers will be needed.

In 2011, a small group of Society volunteers partnered with the City in the huge week-long celebration of Port St. Lucie's 50th anniversary. The Society produced the book "Port St. Lucie at 50: A City for All People," numerous anniversary week events and the award-winning docu-drama "A City Within a Dream" with original music that also won awards. For a video presentation of 2011's events, click this link.

Gatherings are held for members to share memories, and the web site is updated regularly. We continue to evaluate the masses of materials we have received and enter historically significant items in our digital archives. We work with a software program used by most small museums in the country.



The Port St. Lucie Historical Society's docudrama DVD City of Dreams was shown Sunday, July 27, 2014, in the beautiful Savanna Club Theatre for members of the community's homeowners association and guests. One-hundred sixty people turned out for a free screening of the award-winning 50th anniversary project, which was produced by the Society.The evening included a 50/50 drawing, merchandise sales and desserts and punch. The movie was well received with much praise for its overall production quality.

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Looking ahead

In progress ...
In the future ...
  • Meet the challenge of acquiring necessary funds to develop the Port St. Lucie Historical Museum, a permanent home for archives and displays the public can visit
  • Recruit and train volunteers to share history with the public through researching archives and creating displays
  • Form a Speakers Bureau knowledgeable about various segments of our past


Click here for photos of Members Gathering,
May 28, 2014