Here's where you'll find our 191-page history book written by Nina Baranski, pioneer journalist in Port St. Lucie. Also other books on local history and a docudrama DVD produced for the city's 50th anniversary in 2011.

​Learn more about  the historic houses the City of Port St. Lucie has moved to Westmoreland Park. The Port St. Lucie Historical Society's goal is to work with the City to preserve and renovate these to house a future historical museum. Join now. Work with us to preserve history.​​​

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Visit our Virtual Museum for an overview of our history. Follow the links, check out our Q&A site, meet our board and discover the Society's history.​ 

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We can also honor the past by remembering those who came before, including the many veterans who have made Port St. Lucie their home. Port St. Lucie is what is today due to its people, the many good and the few bad.

Check out the photo gallery from the past and relive the events of the 50th Anniversary celebrations

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