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The area we know as Port St. Lucie was once mostly large ranches, as was much of St. Lucie County outside of Fort Pierce. The best known of the area's early ranchers were Alto "Bud" Adams Jr. and his father, Judge Alto Adams. Recently City Councilwoman Michelle Berger interviewed Bud, as he asks to be called, and his son Robbie about the Adams Ranch and its part in the area's enviroment.

The preservation of large stretches of land by environmentally conscious persons such as the Adamses helps balance the pollutants produced by the cities and other heavily developed areas. As part of interest in nature, Bud has produced many photographs of the ranches and creatures that inhabit them. His work is available in books and can be seen at the current exhibit at the PSL Botanical Gardens on Westmoreland Drive.

Though none of the land of the Adams Ranch became part of Port St. Lucie, his knowledge and memories give a glimpse into what might have been here before developers. His stewardship is an example of how agricultural and urban interests can work together to enrich each other.

Interviews with Bud and other old-time area ranchers are part of the docu-drama DVD professionally produced for the city's 50th anniversary: City of Dreams). You can also read about another area rancher in our Virtual Museum. When we get our physical museum, you can bet these early ranchers will be part of that too.


Rotary Youth Exchange Student receives gift of PSL history

Nabilah Khalil Noorani, a Rotary Youth Exchange Student spending a school year in the city, recently received a gift package from the Port St. Lucie Historical Society that included two copies each of our history book published for the 50th Anniversary of the city, a DVD of the docudrama City of Dreams and a CD of the original soundtrack. One pack is for her and the other is for her family in Daman, India.

Nabilah is a junior at St. Lucie West Centennial High School and hopes to be journalist or peace ambassador representing her country. Her hobbies are singing, reading, writing and speaking. She is shown here in her blazer with pins and badges she has collected in her visits through Rotary. Her elder sister is currently pursuing her Master of Engineering degree at Purdue University in Indiana.

Nabilah is staying with society board member Patricia Christensen (left). Board Chair Richard McAfoos is on the right.

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