LIMITED SUPPLY. Now the award-winning music of Port St. Lucie's history can be yours on a CD of songs composed, recorded and performed by Mark Barnes, film score composer for the docudrama of the city's history, City of Dreams. He is joined by additional performers on some of the cuts

This beautiful limited edition 8-1/2 x 11-inch book by Nina Baranski takes the city from the times when it was fishing and camping grounds for early Florida native tribes until today. Produced for the Port St. Lucie Historical Society, it is a wonderful addition to home, corporate and educational libraries.

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Florida. The sandcastles of her history wash away as quickly as tides roll in, as everyone races onward toward the future. But even in a culture of ceaseless change, glittering treasures of yesterday remain. You have to look to find them. Stuart attorney Rick Crary has spent years of digging through rare books and buried records searching for Florida's forgotten past. And now, he takes us on a treasure hunt through time to uncover enduring significance in the vanishing history of Florida and her hidden Treasure Coast. Crary discloses the dreams and destinies of people whose lives have been linked forever with Florida's Treasure Coast, including: an embattled President; a washed-up movie mogul; a judge who murdered a judge; a newsman sage; a Pineapple King---and Florida's Great Gatsby Governor. A Treasure We Call Home is more than a book about finding history, it's a book about finding life..

Set in St. Lucie County in 1980, this humorous work of fiction is written by PSL Historical Society secretary Mary Dodge. It is inspired by real events she found during her first year as a reporter covering PSL and the rest of the county. A snapshot of days in when PSL was just coming into its own.

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 The summer of 1980's record-breaking heat gets hotter when two of the three Winthrop boys plan to open a porno movie theater in their old feed store. The first objections come from the Harley-riding evangelistic minister who lives just down the road with his naïve wife and mischievous 3-year-old twins. The Winthrops hire carpenter Jed Hart, who not only renovates and runs the movie house but moves in with the blacksmith girlfriend of the third brother, the drug-smuggling Junior Winthrop.  Jed has to face off with local smut-smiters,  county officials, state attorneys, and the Bible-thumping “Pint-sized Preacher, the World’s Shortest Evangelist.”

Port St. Lucie's first 50 years can be visited through this professionally produced and scored documentary movie. Produced by the Port St. Lucie Historical Society, the award-winning movie is fun to watch and a great teaching tool. Perfect for classes and groups, or a quiet evening at home. City of Dreams is a DVD you will watch over and over. The Society\'s production won two awards at the 2011 Treasure Coast International Film Festival: Best Documentary and Best Theme Song. Listed on Movie Database)


""City of Dreams" Sound track CD 
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A docudrama DVD commemorating the life, times and people of Port St. Lucie

PORT ST. LUCIE AT 50: A City for All People.

"City of Dreams" DVD with music video
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CITY OF DREAMS Soundtrack on CD